Back from the dead?

Wow… I can’t believe the last post was from October! I do apologize to my fellow petite curvy followers. I have been away doing some soul searching and some extra work to help pay for utilities. I will continue to blog as much as I can. The economical time and financial situation I am in makes it hard for me to purchase new clothing and to do reviews on, but I still try clothes on. As long if you don’t mind lots of your typical “mirror” pictures from my cell phone, I will continue my conquest!

I also am happy to say that I have decided to go back to college in… yes… fashion. I’m planning on majoring in Fashion Merchandising, a bit different from my web design degree/business administration degree I  must say! I have been busy faxing and filling out paperwork for me to go back to school. So fear not curvy non 0 or size 2 petities… I will continue this conquest!


Wanting to try on and review…

I’ve been very busy this month… between moving into a new place, and working for 14 days straight (yep you heard right =/) I’ve been neglecting the online/blogging/shopping culture. Today I finally had a night to do some online shopping (of course on Cyber Monday when all websites are slow and about to crash…) and eying some pieces.
This dress from Gap seems perfect for the holiday season. Wear it alone… cute cardigan, and the perfect clutch and I could welcome the new year in style! I’ve also noticed that Gap have been getting a lot of new items lately and I havent seen anything new with Banana Republic. Is it just me? Weird…

H&M Blazer

As you all know, one of the basic items I was on the eye for was a blazer. I walked into H&M and found this beautiful blazer:

Blazer: H&M sz 10 style #040283 $49.95
Top: Gap sz M old
Jeans: Mossimo Supply Boot Cut Jeans sz 7 (here)
Necklace: Target (similar)

Yea… I can’t take a picture where I’m living so I went to the Gap in NYC to take this haha. But I love this blazer. It’s nice and comfy and I love the elbow patches on it! The sleeve lenth is a bit too long so that needs minor work, but other wise it’s good! I’m always on the eye for new blazers, so far this and this caught my eye… Hm…

GAP Petite Line

One day, this curvy petite was board and decided to stroll into her local GAP store and look around. The first thing she spot was these lovely cable knit sweaters. As she turned her head, she also spotted the corduroy pants selection. She was upset that this local GAP didn’t have the color in her size. She tried on the sweater and found that the sweater was very long on her… it looked like a tunic almost (and her cell phone died so she couldn’t take pictures!! >:o!)

So this curvy petite went onto and not only found the color of the corduroy pants on the website, but they come in boot cut version as well! An online exclusive and petites non the less! She also found the sweater on the petites section as well! Will these items fit when she gets them in her hands?

Okay fairy tale story aside, I’ve been eying corduroy pants for a while. I am stepping in with a neutral color: caramel brown. These pants would be perfect for both work and I can pair it with some casual outfits. My next step into the fashion color world: lightweight corduroy leggings in toasted almond. If they have the maroon color… I might try them on for style… It’s a step let’s just say!

When I first found the sweater, I knew it would be warm and comfy. However, when I read there is 27% wool in the material, I was skeptical. I have sensitive skin and I itch easily. I figured, hey might as well try it on. The 10 minutes the regular sweater was on me, I wasn’t itchy at all! So here’s some luck this sweater that’ll be coming in the mail to me will be what I expect: comfy and warm not itchy.

Also did you guys know that GAP is having a 40% off sale on sale items and if you have a GAP card, it’s double rewards? Plus ebates is offering 10% cash back on your purchase from gap. The two items I ordered came to a total of $129.90. I earned my $10 rewards for Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy future purchase and earned $12.99 in ebates cash back! Yet silly me… I forgot the extra 20% coupon code for GAP card members *smack head* I can probably get it still if I beg the store… right?

Anything you are eying from the petite line? Are you hip with the corduroys this season?

Winter wear

It’s that time of season… Fall is here and it’s one of my favorite seasons of all! It’s nice, crisp, no humidity, and you can have lots of cute outfits to wear! However winter is coming up… and in Northern Jersey… it’s COLD! Okay not as cold as Upstate New York…. but it’s still cold! Mid 20’s to 30’s still cold won’t you say? So I’m on the search for the following items:

  1. Winter Coat: Reqirements for this will be not a long style. So no trench coat style. As much as I love the style, I feel that it’s too long when I sit down and drive. I’m weird I know. But I want it to be hitting my hips.. not touching the steering wheel.
  2. Winter Hat: The only requirement beside for it to keep me warm is no hat hair! I’ve tried berets on and it doesn’t keep me warm.

I already have my scarf. It was a gift two years ago from the Gap (similar). Granted the scarf is long and huge, it could be a blanket on me almost! But it’s soft and WARM! I’m in love with it! The winter gloves I’m eying at the moment are these 180s Girl Tec Touch Lush Gloves. Haha yes… I want gloves that will let me play with my phone as I’m wearing them! Retarted? Maybe =D

What do you recommend? Any good winter sales I need to keep an eye out for?

Game on!

Fall is one of my most favorite seasons we have. It’s nice and crisp, the weather is neither too hot or too cold and the colors are wonderful. Another favorite is also football season! Now, I’m not a HUGE fan of football or even the New York Giants (it’s a family tradition to like the Giants… so I might as well), I just like getting together with good friends over beer and wings. So I decide to dress as an “average” fan go-er with some fashion curves in it as well.

Jersey: Giants Boy Jersey sz L $22.95 (similar here)
Tank Top: random from T.J. Maxx sz L
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny sz 6p $69.95
(hemmed by me)
Shoes: Missoni by Target sz 3

Jerseys usually go on the higher end of 60’s and 80’s depending if it’s for men, women, or kids. This jersey I found was on sale at Dicks for an extra 25% and I paid $22.95 for it. And for a good reason! Smith actually is a player for the Philadelphia Eagles now. Oops! I’m not a huge sports fanatic! Sorry!
It fits me great around I think, but even for a youth size, I think the jersey is a bit too long on me. However my male friends told me to suck it up that jerseys are ment to be long. Ugh I have the fashion sense and I still think I should hem the shirt for my short torso. I also want to shorten the sleeves a bit, but that’s too much to ask… right?

Also I’m in LOVE with my new Missoni flats! One advantage of having tiny feet is that all of the kids items are still left behind. I’ll grab that!

Do you think I should hem the jersey? What team are you rooting for?

Casual Outfit

A day late… and a dollar short! I participated in the 50 Classics Challenge and each week we have to come up with an outfit from the checklist. It’s fun!

Week 1 (Oct 1-7): Casual daytime outfit
Week 2 (Oct 8-14): Business attire
Week 3 (Oct 15-21): A night out
Week 4 (Oct 22-28) Outfit of your choice

Okay I’m late for the casual daytime outfit! I know I know! But atlas, here is my casual daytime outfit!

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