Ann Taylor for the mid 20’s

I’ve always heard how Ann Taylor and Loft were great for petites. I work in the same plaza as Loft and take advantage of all of their sales. I’ve always browsed Ann Taylor’s website and store when I am in the mall, but never fell in love with any of their products. I felt that it’s an expensive version of Loft made for my mother if she was in the business industry.

One day during my window shopping, I spotted this pencil lace skirt in the window. Now I’m normally not a fan of pencil skirts due to my curvy features, however I remember a friend telling me that every pencil skirt will fit differently. With that in mind, I decided to try it on and grabbed this lovely halter top. I must admit, I fell in love. Usually when I tuck my shirts into my pants/skirts, I look short/fat/what the heck are you thinking about walking out the door with that? The skirt actually semi makes it looks like I have an hour glass figure and makes it look like I have some “talent” in my chest area. I even tried the shirt un-tucked and it look fabulous!

Skirt Pros:

  1. The skirt felt like it will last longer than a week. I know it’s an exaggeration, however with other skirts I’ve tried, they felt very thin where I was afraid I’d rip it apart or very stiff where I want to add an entire bottle of fabric softener to make it work with me.
  2. The elastic on the inside of the skirt doesn’t hug me where I feel like it’ll squeeze the life out of me, but it doesn’t sit loose as well where I feel like I need a belt. Also like I said, it is on the inside of the skirt, compare to it’s sister skirt from LOFT.
  3. It hugs my hips and enhances the curves I feel like needed to be enhanced.

Skirt Cons:

  1. It comes in one color. Okay lame, I know I am, and I am normally a black girl, but I wonder if it looks great with the black lace on dark grey skirt, or vice versa. Or how about an all white version.
  2. Price. I know you get quality and all, but still $128 for a skirt is a bit hefty for me. Even with their 40% off sale, $76.80 is still kind of high for me. Especially on my budget. I don’t think the cable/electric/landlord/car/bank would like to hear I spent my money on this skirt instead of paying them. And I don’t think I can split this skirt for everyone too.
  3. Even in the petites, it’s still long on me if I put it on my waist. If I put it higher on my waist, I’ll look like I’m a missing member from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So I can either go to my tailor or I can just wear it untucked the whole time and save myself the alteration cost.

Top Pros:

  1. I am in LOVE with the material. It feels so soft on my skin! I’m kind of sensitive to clothing and this is a sensitive skin approved item from me!
  2. $40 for a skirt that is lightweight and fits me right? Yes please!

Top Cons:

  1. The head opening can be very small when you put it on. I kind of got lost when I tried it on and was afraid of ripping it as well!
  2. Dry clean only clothing and I have a very bad history lately. I’m trying to budget money better (HA!) and dry cleaners cost on top? Eh…

So… What do you think? Mishaps from Ann Taylor? Are you in love with Ann Taylor?

Oh and please excuse the sunglasses… I’m blind as a bat without my glasses and when I wear my prescription sunglasses, I always feel like they are my normal glasses and just walk right in.


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