Banana Republic Strapless Eyelet Dress

One of my fashion staple is a white dress. I think it’s great all year round for any occasion with a lot of accessories. With fall approaching, I’m planning to wear it with a nice thin belt and a cardigan as soon as I can grab my hands on one for sale.

I’ve been eying this dress for a long time. The hefty $130 price tag always kept me from owning it. For months I would watch this dress and even when it first hit the clearance rack, I kept on thinking to myself “I can do better” Sure enough I did. Banana Republic was having their 40% off sale on clearance items. My white dress was still there, size 8P which I thought would be too big, but it ended up being perfect round my chest area. The best part? It was marked for $24.97, and with the discount, I ended up paying $15! I’m still in awe for a $130 dress on the market for $15. I’m not recommending everyone to do what I did due to the fact that you could miss your size/opportunity.

Being ahem short, I found that it hit me in the calf area. I wish I took a picture of it before I took it to the tailor, but it looked like I was dressing up in mommy’s dresses playing dress up. All that was missing was the messy pigtails and red lipstick all over my face with the pearls and big heel shoes.

I took it to a tailor that got rave reviews on and it will be back in my hands in one week. So is this a great find for me for less than $50? Or was this a mishap? We shall find out!


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