Fall Day… Fall fun!

Finally a day off! What’s great to do on a gorgeous fabulous fall day? Up here in Jersey, very popular actives include pumpkin picking, apple picking, corn mazes, oh you name it! Plus living in the middle of nowheres-ville, all the farms are setting up for Halloween activities. Yet me being lame and none of my friends availability to do any of these activities with me, I decided to do one thing: to go window shopping. Yep. Lame I know. However, my roommate decided to join up with me… in the middle of the trip we decided to go check out Orange County Choppers store and then swing by the outlets near by. Unfortunately, we hit a construction site where there was no known detour around. With everything that’s been going around and gas being expensive, we decided just to turn around and call it a day. At least I got to drive around with my windows open.

As you can tell by the lame picture, I was actually kind of ready to go window/clothes shopping. I like to wear just plain old tshirt, nothing too fancy or hard so that I can easily try clothes on and off. Also with the season turning, it’s also time to look for new outerwear. I figured this simple shirt and jeans outfit will be perfect for me to try on jackets and coats with. Plus, I’m still on quest to find the perfect blazer. Thanks to the Alterations Needed forms, someone found me a blazer for $20! It’s a size 12P, so it’ll be big on me, but now that I found a great tailor within my work area, I can easily drop it off to him and have him fix it for me.

Here are some items I was hoping to try on and share with you guys:Banana Republic ShellBanana Republic Lace Overlay Shell

I’ve seen the regular, non petite size in the Banana Republic store near me, however the petite section near me is small. They don’t carry a lot of petite items. The regular size looked okay, but the arm holes were kind of big on me and very wide. I was hoping the petite size would help fix that problem with me.

Banana Republic Lily Knit Ruffle Dress

Can’t you tell I love sales? If you haven’t heard yet, Banana Republic is having a 50% off sale on select items. This dress was on the website and I love how the ruffles go on the dress and the cut looks curvy friendly! Now will this dress help make me look petite and fashionable or will it look like I am stealing buns from a bakery?

J Crew Ikat Pencil Skirt

The J Crew in the mall near me doesn’t have any petite sizes… yet I really can’t remember if I ever entered a store that had petites. However I still wanted to try the fit of this pencil skirt on me, petite or not. Certain pencil skirts are made weird that it is just straight, so my love handles will come out to say hello and it’ll be muffin-tops ville for a while. As you saw in my previous post, the Ann Taylor’s pencil skirt was a FABULOUS fit on me. So I’m hoping J Crew’s pencil skirts will be the perfect fit for me as well. The only way I can tell is if I try it on!

Chinese Laundry New Love Pump

I’m on the quest to find the perfect fit nude pump! However with my tiny, wide feet with certain specifics I want that quest is not that simple. I’m starting to think Lewis and Clark’s quest was much more simple than mine. Patent leather, matches well with my skin tone, no platform, a heel bigger than 1.5 inches, and almond toe shaped. So when I find these lovely pair on nordstorm.com, I decided I should go into the store and try them out.

I’m hoping that my next day off, Tuesday, I will be able to go up to the mall/outlet store and try these wonderful outfits, plus many more and share them with you!

My question for you guys… What items have you been eying lately but waiting for the perfect sale/and or to try it on in person?

Hm… when I get the battery in my digital camera back I might do a post on petite dress code work attire for retail situations. Any petites out there work where you have a very specific dress code to dress too, but struggling on how to be more “fashionable”?


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