H & M window shopping

I’m out into the real world…. business like clothing world. One of the essentials for business attire is a blazer. I’m on a tight budget so I’m looking for the perfect blazer with minimum to no alterations for my curvy chest. The problem with me I found is the shoulder pads. I look like a line backer when I find the right blazer that fits across my stomach. So one of the first places I thought of looking at was H & M. However, I went a bit over board and looked at other kind of outfits as well.

Blazer: H & M sz 10 ($49.95)

As you can see in the picture, no shoulder pad effect! However the length of the sleves are a tad bit too long. I could easily roll them up, however there are lazy times I might not, so it’ll look better if I get them hemmed instead. This blazer is a size 10 and it was kind of tight round the stomach when I turned around. I kept this blazer in the maybe pile when I get more money. Also I don’t think it looks like a classy female blazer on me. The front angle I feel like I look like a child trying on her father’s jacket.

Blouse: H & M sz M ($9.95)
Skirt:H & M sz 8 ($12.95)

My goal was to look for a new colorful outfit as well. Orange is hot during fall and this orange matches well with my skin tone. I had to be funny because all of my colleges knew me as a “black and basic” girl. No colors. I’m not too sure about this outfit. I think certain angles makes me look curvier than normal, but one of my co-workers loved this outfit. What do you think?

Skirt: H & M sz 6 ($34.95)

I love the side view of the skirt. I probably won’t tuck it in cause you can see some extra love handles but when I turned to the front, the skirt is kind of oddly shaped. I thought it was a pencil skirt when I picked it up, but it’s not. It’s weird. Definitely no!

Blouse: H & M sz M ($29.95)
Skirt: H & M sz 8 ($34.95)

Besides the sexy socks you can see, I love this outfit! If i was going to buy the skirt, I’d probably get a size 10 to factor in shrinkage. It was a tad bit too tight, but a handle-able tight round the waist. I love the details of this lace skirt and I’m head over heels over this! Hm… sexy black pumps with it and I’d say “I’m hired!”

Jacket: H & M sz 10 ($34.95)

The quest for another great outdoor jacket. I fell inlove with this style when I walked in and tried it on. Of course we need the arms hemmed, but it felt kind of tight round me… Then again I was wearing heavy clothing so I’ll give it to thought. I’m not in love with it, but I don’t dislike it as well.

So ladies… Thoughts? What look good? What doesn’t?


One response to “H & M window shopping

  1. I think you can do better than the first blazer. I think a lot of petites have this problem (as do I) of blazers being too long for their height so I think you may benefit from trying blazers that look “cropped” on the hanger or on the fit model (what I do and it works well). Not that we need to necessarily lengthen our bodies but I find that blazers which hit at the hipbone is most flattering.

    Aside from that first blazer i loved everything you tried on…but we can’t always walk out with several bags of clothes every time we shop otherwise we’d be in HUGE trouble so it’s up to you which ones work best for you! And you look great in color, don’t ever go back! 🙂

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