Go Face the Day

For months I’ve been thinking about dying my hair. Doing research on the internet, I’ve been reading certain dyes you take at home (like Garnier or Clairol) won’t work with certain Asian types of hair. Lots of sources were telling me to have a professional do it. Oh yea… I can easily fork out $100 for a hair cut and dye.

Talking to a hair dresser friend of mine, she said I CAN do it on my own… it just depends on which brand I use. She recommended L’Oreal Feria. I went to the website and look through the catalog of color. I was looking something along the dark brown with auburn like colors in it. The three that caught my attention was Midnight Ruby, Chocolate Cherry, and Crushed Garnet. Out of the three, I thought the more natural one for me would be the crushed garnet. And here are the results.

Now bear in mind… this is all point and shoot camera, no fancy DSLR camera. Also the original image up top was taken with my webcam. With the flash I can barley see the change, however I do see the red untertones showing through. The picture without flash you definitely see the change there. I really love the results of this.

What about you? If you dye your hair, what brand do you use? Or do you just trust the professionals?


3 responses to “Go Face the Day

  1. Looks great! I have a couple grey hairs (LOL I’m in my early 20s!!) and so I dye my hair dark brown every 3 months. The color is pretty close to my natural color and so I do it myself every other time to save some money. I can never tell the difference afterwards between the professional/DIY hair.

    • I’ve herd if you go completely blonde or black you should have a professional do it… I don’t think blonde asians look good haha! As for you I can’t tell the difference.

  2. Mitsuwa has good hair dye for asian hair. Palty Hair Dye (u can prob find it on amazon too) dyes my hair to the shade indicated on box whenever i use it. No bleach necessary.

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