The perfect blazer… next stop LOFT!

I am on the quest still for that PERFECT blazer! The one I got on Ebay needs major alterations! Sleeves need to be shorten, get rid of the shoulder pads, lapels still huge! So one of the next stops I went to on my time off is LOFT. I love their clothing and their petite line. They always seem to fit me just right!

Blazer: sz 6 (from clerance rack) ($99.99)
Top: Flutter Strips Shell sz M ($44.50)
Skirt: Hearld Pencil Skirt sz 6 ($64.99)

So in order to get the skirt the “right” length, I decided not to tuck the shell into the skirt and put the skirt all the way up on my waist… and I mean up! I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what, I need to get the sleeves altered. My arm length are soo short and NOTHING will really come in my size. Growing up though high school, I ALWAYS hated long sleeved shirts. They were always long on me and every time I rolled them up, they slide back down and get into my way. The lapels are definitly better than the other jacket. And the height… hey it looks good! The shell I’m not a fan of… it makes me a bit too fatter than normal. The skirt? Perfect! If I had the money, I’d buy it right then and there.

I’m still not sold on this blazer… I still think there is a better one out there that will look and fit better!… Hello… are you out there blazer?


3 responses to “The perfect blazer… next stop LOFT!

  1. I don’t think the LOFT blazers do great things for any shape and size. I love the store, but I haven’t had much luck with their suiting items. I’ll do a review on my LOFT suit sooner or later

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