Game on!

Fall is one of my most favorite seasons we have. It’s nice and crisp, the weather is neither too hot or too cold and the colors are wonderful. Another favorite is also football season! Now, I’m not a HUGE fan of football or even the New York Giants (it’s a family tradition to like the Giants… so I might as well), I just like getting together with good friends over beer and wings. So I decide to dress as an “average” fan go-er with some fashion curves in it as well.

Jersey: Giants Boy Jersey sz L $22.95 (similar here)
Tank Top: random from T.J. Maxx sz L
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny sz 6p $69.95
(hemmed by me)
Shoes: Missoni by Target sz 3

Jerseys usually go on the higher end of 60’s and 80’s depending if it’s for men, women, or kids. This jersey I found was on sale at Dicks for an extra 25% and I paid $22.95 for it. And for a good reason! Smith actually is a player for the Philadelphia Eagles now. Oops! I’m not a huge sports fanatic! Sorry!
It fits me great around I think, but even for a youth size, I think the jersey is a bit too long on me. However my male friends told me to suck it up that jerseys are ment to be long. Ugh I have the fashion sense and I still think I should hem the shirt for my short torso. I also want to shorten the sleeves a bit, but that’s too much to ask… right?

Also I’m in LOVE with my new Missoni flats! One advantage of having tiny feet is that all of the kids items are still left behind. I’ll grab that!

Do you think I should hem the jersey? What team are you rooting for?


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