Winter wear

It’s that time of season… Fall is here and it’s one of my favorite seasons of all! It’s nice, crisp, no humidity, and you can have lots of cute outfits to wear! However winter is coming up… and in Northern Jersey… it’s COLD! Okay not as cold as Upstate New York…. but it’s still cold! Mid 20’s to 30’s still cold won’t you say? So I’m on the search for the following items:

  1. Winter Coat: Reqirements for this will be not a long style. So no trench coat style. As much as I love the style, I feel that it’s too long when I sit down and drive. I’m weird I know. But I want it to be hitting my hips.. not touching the steering wheel.
  2. Winter Hat: The only requirement beside for it to keep me warm is no hat hair! I’ve tried berets on and it doesn’t keep me warm.

I already have my scarf. It was a gift two years ago from the Gap (similar). Granted the scarf is long and huge, it could be a blanket on me almost! But it’s soft and WARM! I’m in love with it! The winter gloves I’m eying at the moment are these 180s Girl Tec Touch Lush Gloves. Haha yes… I want gloves that will let me play with my phone as I’m wearing them! Retarted? Maybe =D

What do you recommend? Any good winter sales I need to keep an eye out for?


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