GAP Petite Line

One day, this curvy petite was board and decided to stroll into her local GAP store and look around. The first thing she spot was these lovely cable knit sweaters. As she turned her head, she also spotted the corduroy pants selection. She was upset that this local GAP didn’t have the color in her size. She tried on the sweater and found that the sweater was very long on her… it looked like a tunic almost (and her cell phone died so she couldn’t take pictures!! >:o!)

So this curvy petite went onto and not only found the color of the corduroy pants on the website, but they come in boot cut version as well! An online exclusive and petites non the less! She also found the sweater on the petites section as well! Will these items fit when she gets them in her hands?

Okay fairy tale story aside, I’ve been eying corduroy pants for a while. I am stepping in with a neutral color: caramel brown. These pants would be perfect for both work and I can pair it with some casual outfits. My next step into the fashion color world: lightweight corduroy leggings in toasted almond. If they have the maroon color… I might try them on for style… It’s a step let’s just say!

When I first found the sweater, I knew it would be warm and comfy. However, when I read there is 27% wool in the material, I was skeptical. I have sensitive skin and I itch easily. I figured, hey might as well try it on. The 10 minutes the regular sweater was on me, I wasn’t itchy at all! So here’s some luck this sweater that’ll be coming in the mail to me will be what I expect: comfy and warm not itchy.

Also did you guys know that GAP is having a 40% off sale on sale items and if you have a GAP card, it’s double rewards? Plus ebates is offering 10% cash back on your purchase from gap. The two items I ordered came to a total of $129.90. I earned my $10 rewards for Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy future purchase and earned $12.99 in ebates cash back! Yet silly me… I forgot the extra 20% coupon code for GAP card members *smack head* I can probably get it still if I beg the store… right?

Anything you are eying from the petite line? Are you hip with the corduroys this season?


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