H&M Blazer

As you all know, one of the basic items I was on the eye for was a blazer. I walked into H&M and found this beautiful blazer:

Blazer: H&M sz 10 style #040283 $49.95
Top: Gap sz M old
Jeans: Mossimo Supply Boot Cut Jeans sz 7 (here)
Necklace: Target (similar)

Yea… I can’t take a picture where I’m living so I went to the Gap in NYC to take this haha. But I love this blazer. It’s nice and comfy and I love the elbow patches on it! The sleeve lenth is a bit too long so that needs minor work, but other wise it’s good! I’m always on the eye for new blazers, so far this and this caught my eye… Hm…


2 responses to “H&M Blazer

    • Kelly your right it is soo hard to tell! I tried every angle in the store (even with the Gap people staring at me!) I think it’s time to invest in a tri-pod =) It’s just like the one you did cept different colors!

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