Back from the dead?

Wow… I can’t believe the last post was from October! I do apologize to my fellow petite curvy followers. I have been away doing some soul searching and some extra work to help pay for utilities. I will continue to blog as much as I can. The economical time and financial situation I am in makes it hard for me to purchase new clothing and to do reviews on, but I still try clothes on. As long if you don’t mind lots of your typical “mirror” pictures from my cell phone, I will continue my conquest!

I also am happy to say that I have decided to go back to college in… yes… fashion. I’m planning on majoring in Fashion Merchandising, a bit different from my web design degree/business administration degree I  must say! I have been busy faxing and filling out paperwork for me to go back to school. So fear not curvy non 0 or size 2 petities… I will continue this conquest!


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