Ann Taylor 40% off sale

It’s all over the internet… but Ann Taylor is having a 40% off sale. And thanks to Jean, if you use the discount code 51100001016 you can get an extra 30% off on your purchases over $100 and regular priced items only. Two items I’m eying, but alas no money =(

Petite Cap Sleeve Shirtdress // Perfect Patent Pump

I’ve been on the market for a shirtdress for a while, but one that looks a tad bit different than typical shirt dresses. I love the look of this shirt dress due to the sleeves and the two tones in it. Lovely! Also I’m dying for a pare of patent pumps… almond toe, no platform, black or nude, etc. So when I place the two items in my cart, with the 40% off sale and the 30% off code, this became my total:That is a pretty good price! Less than 50% off! With original price, that would of cost me $303! More than 3/4 of my share of the rent! Alas a petite girl can dream…

So readers… any picks? Did you pick out great outfits from Ann Taylor?


Diamond in the Rough

It’s a sensation. Remember back in the mid 90’s when Beanie Babies were popular? Or how about Tamagotchi? If a store had them, everyone was in line to grab as many as they can! It’s was the hottest crave when I was in middle school!

This month, one of the hottest brands that are flying off the shelves are Missoni from Target. Missoni is a fashion house based in Varese. The brand is very well known for their patterns and colors. So when it was announced that the brand is offering low price items for every day people, every fashion freak was jumping for joy. I wasn’t a huge fan of the offerings, but I was eying some pieces and thought if I liked them in person, I’ll grab it. However, due to greedy people buying the whole supply and selling it for more than double the ticket price, Target pretty much sold out of all of their Missoni products within day 1! I was stopping in the target near my job to pick up my prescriptions the weekend after the opening and was hopping to see the Missoni products in person. However there was a huge sign saying “We are out of stock. We are sorry.” Yep…  However on my way home from a doctor’s appointment, I stopped by the Target near his office, and as soon as I walked in, what do I see? Yep, that sign with PRODCUTS! I had to touch them all to see if they were real or hollograms, and it was real! Alas, as you can see, that small section is all they have.

Missoni for Target Women Suede Heels Pumps sz 5.5 ($39.99)

One of the few items I was eying was these beautiful pumps. If they made size 5’s I’d jump on them in an instant really! Due to my petite feet and knowing for a fact I really don’t fit in Target’s 5.5’s, I wasn’t rushing. So when I saw these pumps at the store, I HAD to try them on. As you can see in the picture, they are WAY to big on me. My toes doesn’t even touch the bottom brown zig zag! And this is with my feet all the way into the back of the heel. I was thinking of the option of maybe heel grips, but the gap was way too big for me! *sigh* if they only fit I’d buy them in a heart beat! I was actually thinking about buying them and being those evil/genius who sell them on ebay or other marketplaces, but I decided to be nice to other customers in the area and left them for someone else. Oh well! =(

Missoni for Target Space Dye Cardigan sz Lg ($29.99)

When I saw it online, I wasn’t impress. Seeing it in person, still wasn’t that impressed. What made me try it on was to see how light it is. Let me tell you, it is light! It also feels nice and soft. However, as you can see the large is really big on me. It kind of reminds me of grandfather’s like cardigan. So even if they had it in a medium, I would have to pass.

Missoni for Target V Neck Sweater sz Sm ($29.99)

Okay bear with me on this thought… it look big in person! Yea… so I thought, “Hm… maybe small would fit me!” Okay so only a classy lady like me would show that 1) No, not at all! and 2) Show their “curves” in picture fourm. So yea… as we can see the small does NOT fit me at all. I might want to stick with the medium or heck even go for large! *gasp*! What I do like about this sweater is that it’s light weight and see through. What do I hate about the sweater is that it is see though and light weight… yea I am confusing. I get hot easily so I don’t get cold as often as most people. However when I do get cold, I get cold. So with a jacket? Maybe. Plus see through means I can wear something cute underneath it. Again, when I get hot, it’s one more item of clothing I need to be aware of. Yes, I am weird let’s stop stating the obvious. But for an average person, I think this is great for them!

So…. Did I really find the diamond in the rough? What items are you looking for/bought on ebay?

Fall Day… Fall fun!

Finally a day off! What’s great to do on a gorgeous fabulous fall day? Up here in Jersey, very popular actives include pumpkin picking, apple picking, corn mazes, oh you name it! Plus living in the middle of nowheres-ville, all the farms are setting up for Halloween activities. Yet me being lame and none of my friends availability to do any of these activities with me, I decided to do one thing: to go window shopping. Yep. Lame I know. However, my roommate decided to join up with me… in the middle of the trip we decided to go check out Orange County Choppers store and then swing by the outlets near by. Unfortunately, we hit a construction site where there was no known detour around. With everything that’s been going around and gas being expensive, we decided just to turn around and call it a day. At least I got to drive around with my windows open.

As you can tell by the lame picture, I was actually kind of ready to go window/clothes shopping. I like to wear just plain old tshirt, nothing too fancy or hard so that I can easily try clothes on and off. Also with the season turning, it’s also time to look for new outerwear. I figured this simple shirt and jeans outfit will be perfect for me to try on jackets and coats with. Plus, I’m still on quest to find the perfect blazer. Thanks to the Alterations Needed forms, someone found me a blazer for $20! It’s a size 12P, so it’ll be big on me, but now that I found a great tailor within my work area, I can easily drop it off to him and have him fix it for me.

Here are some items I was hoping to try on and share with you guys: Continue reading

Banana Republic Strapless Eyelet Dress

One of my fashion staple is a white dress. I think it’s great all year round for any occasion with a lot of accessories. With fall approaching, I’m planning to wear it with a nice thin belt and a cardigan as soon as I can grab my hands on one for sale.

I’ve been eying this dress for a long time. The hefty $130 price tag always kept me from owning it. For months I would watch this dress and even when it first hit the clearance rack, I kept on thinking to myself “I can do better” Sure enough I did. Banana Republic was having their 40% off sale on clearance items. My white dress was still there, size 8P which I thought would be too big, but it ended up being perfect round my chest area. The best part? It was marked for $24.97, and with the discount, I ended up paying $15! I’m still in awe for a $130 dress on the market for $15. I’m not recommending everyone to do what I did due to the fact that you could miss your size/opportunity.

Being ahem short, I found that it hit me in the calf area. I wish I took a picture of it before I took it to the tailor, but it looked like I was dressing up in mommy’s dresses playing dress up. All that was missing was the messy pigtails and red lipstick all over my face with the pearls and big heel shoes.

I took it to a tailor that got rave reviews on and it will be back in my hands in one week. So is this a great find for me for less than $50? Or was this a mishap? We shall find out!